01 : Story


You´re an undercover agent at the Drug Enforcement Agency and even very successful in it. Until yet you were only working undercovered at universities to catch the part-time dealers. Your life is about to be changed as one of your superiors is killed and your boss´ family is in danger. You´ll be asked to take care of one of them.

The Task

Your boss trusts nobody and doesn´t ask for any favors. Or atleast until yet he didn´t... You´ll be summoned to the secret house and you have to pick up his daughter from the school. The task is simple. Keep an eye out on his daughter and don´t let her take any harm.

Other Activities

You´ll have the chance to participate in other activities during the day or at night. You´ll have the chance to get to know others too. Who will you befriend at the end? This will be yours to decide.